Call Queue Controller 6.11 released


Version 2020 / 6.11

  • - General: (new) Teams Integration
  • - Teams-Integration Azure Preparation
  • - Teams-Integration Contact Center Preparation
  • - Teams-Integration Status Integration
  • - Teams-Integration PBX / Agent Integration
  • - General: (removed) Stringify integration as service is no longer available
  • - AdminCenter: (fixed) Destination number in forwarding destinations now allows # and * for trunk prefixes
  • - Conferencing: (new) Invited conference attendees are shown as planned in conference room (only if Exchange integration is active)
  • - Conferencing: (new) Exchange sync interval can be change via registry key: ExchangeConferenceRefreshTimeout (in minutes)
  • - Conferencing: (fixed) Reconnect to Exchange server after username or password change in device settings
  • - Conferencing: (fixed) Appointments with empty subject are not shown in conference list as next conference
  • - Conferencing: (fixed) Problem creating or changing conference room number
  • - Conferencing: (fixed) Adding Exchange server not possible if no base license available or expired
  • - Conferencing: (fixed) Using external conference number for conference links to prevent SwyxIt! from dialing number with leading zero

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