Teams-Integration Status Integration


Using this integration enriches the status of a Swyx user with the status from Microsoft Teams. The following features are available:

  • Display of Teams Status in group summary views in Contact Center
  • Sync of away status from Microsoft Teams to Swyx (setting a user away in Teams also sets the away status in Swyx)
  • Sync of DND status from Microsoft Teams to Swyx (setting a user to DND in Teams also sets the DND status in Swyx)
  • Sync direction is one-way from Teams to Swyx as Teams API does not allow setting status (read-only)
  • The Teams status is merged with Swyx status in a useful way
Status client
  • Calls in Teams are shown in the active calls list in Contact Center so employees can see which colleague is already in a Teams call
  • All Teams numbers are marked with teams-blue color
  • Teams calls can be rated by using the call rating feature in Contact Center
  • Call info can be added to Teams calls
  • No SBC integration required

Calls client

General requirements

  • License per matching Swyx user (matched via mail address of both users)
  • App registration in Microsoft Azure
  • User in Microsoft Azure
  • Queue Controller 6.11 or higher required