Installing Option Conferencing


Follow these steps to setup up 3iMedia Option Conferencing correctly:

  • Assign numbers to the user "Conference" in SwyxWare Administration
  • Open Admin Center
  • Change to "Option packs" tab
  • Click the "Enable conference routing" button under the "Option Conferencing" card
  • Accept the following message with "Yes"
  • Note: All previous call routings of the user "Conference" in SwyxWare will be overwritten
  • Use the included 3iMedia Conferencing skin to access the conference rooms within SwyxIt!

In order to create a conference the conferencing option provides the feature to download a predefined calendar invitation item which can be sent by Outlook or any other mail client. 

To customize this calendar item follow these simple steps:

  • The templates for calendar items are located on the Swyx-Server in the subfolder "Config\Conferences\MailTemplates" of Call Queue Controller installation directory. For each language a subfolder exists with a Default.vcs file
  • Edit this file according to your needs. This file is parsed when downloading the calendar item in SwyxIt!

The following place holders are available:

  • <%ProductName%> 3iMedia Call Queue Controller
  • <%Name%> Name of the conference room
  • <%OwnName%> Name of the Swyx-user if called from SwyxIt!
  • <%Location%> Name of the conference room
  • <%DateCreated%> The current time as UTC date
  • <%DateStart%> The current time as UTC date + 1 hour
  • <%DateEnd%> The current time as UTC date + 2 hours
  • <%MailAddress%> Mail address of the Swyx-user
  • <%MailAddressConferenceRoom%> Configured or auto resolved mail address of the conference room
  • <%Number%> Pubic number of conference room in canonical format
  • <%PIN%> PIN of the conference room depending which calendar item is downloaded (listen-only yes / no)
  • <%Language%> Language of the conference room
  • <%ListenOnly%> Returns "ListenOnly" if conference item was downloaded for listen-only conference