Call Queue Controller 6.11 Quickfix 2 released


Version 2020 / 6.11 Quickfix 2

  • Conferencing: (changed) Cancelling calls in conference room only availabe for conference room administrator
  • Queue: (new) Auto-pause is reset if system detects any active calls for the paused user
  • Queue: (fixed) Philips hue light shows always busy after call pickup or call rating
  • Queue: (fixed) Setting forwarding destination in custom delivery with exact same value as before triggers new forwarding destination resolution
  • Webserver: (fixed) Mailto-Link in call info dialog not working in terminal server sessions
  • Webserver: (fixed) Redirection information underneath caller info is not shown any more after SwyxWare 11.52
  • AdminCenter: (fixed) Sorter configured in default view configuration has no effect
  • AdminCenter: (fixed) Deleting Plug-In not working
  • AdminCenter: (improved) Plug-In errors and warnings are not shown on warnings page

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