Call Queue Controller 6.00 R2 Quickfix 3 released


Version 2018 / 6.00 R2 Quickfix 3

  • General: (fixed) Updated for compatibility with SwyxWare version 11.50 and above
  • General: (new) Support for SwyxFlex license model
  • AdminCenter: (improved) Detection of all day events if event is not marked as this explicitly
  • AdminCenter: (fixed) Cloning of queues leads to unpredictabled properties in cloned queue
  • AdminCenter: (fixed) Announcements shown as invalid in some conditions
  • AdminCenter: (fixed) Holiday announcement is ignored if overflow to voicemail with overflow on logged off agents condition is set
  • AdminCenter: (fixed) Delivery Time/TimeAdv1/TimeAdv2 problem when configured via Admin Center
  • AdminCenter: (fixed) Parameters for external holidays are deleted upon service restart
  • Queue: (new) Notification in groups view if agents in monitored by SwyxMonitoring feature
  • Queue: (improved) Improved saving of SQL data with special characters into SQL data tables
  • Queue: (improved) Improvements related to intersite Queue Controller call delivery
  • Queue: (fixed) Last activity time stamp not set when call is transferred to an external destination
  • Queue: (fixed) Queue accepts call if no hold music and no announcements are configured
  • Queue: (fixed) Call delivery timeout on Mobile Extenstion Manager devices is now increased again after broken through SwyxWare internal changes

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